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Wolf cub shot - the hunt proceeds

Vargvalp, Skultuna Vargvalp, Skultuna SVA

A wolf was shot on protective hunt in the Skultuna family group 100km North West of Stockholm during the protective hunt last Sunday morning.

A male cub
According to the National Veterinary Institute the wolf was a male cub born last year.

EU: Only well identified individulas
The decision for protective hunt of mid January declares that preferrable the alpha pair of the family should be shot, two animals. The EU Commission has made clear, at several times, that only well identified individuals could be hunt, and only if they are found to be causing severe damage and no other solutions are available.

Against the intentions
Since a cub and not a breeding adult was shot it is clear that it wasn't a well identified individual and thus against the intentions of the EU Commission and the Habitats Directive.

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